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Kenza Zouiten Subosic is one of the biggest influencers in northern Europe. She has a super popular blog at and nearly 2 million followers on Instagram.  But it doesn’t stop there! Kenza is also one of the founders and owners of the digital fashion house (, which has proven to be a huge hit in recent years. 

And, a few weeks ago, Kenza took some brave new steps to share some more personal information with her followers. She told about the struggles she’s encountered in trying to become pregnant and the joy that she and her husband, Aleks, now feel as she enters into the next stage of pregnancy. 

Kenza inspires us every week and she truly has a heart of gold. So, we’re thrilled to get the chance for a chat with her and are very proud to feature her as our CAIA Queen! 


Congratulations on your pregnancy, Kenza! How are you feeling?  

Thanks! I feel fantastic! I’ve never been happier in all my life.

We know that you’ve struggled very hard to become pregnant and have had to go through a rough time with IVF treatments. It’s such wonderful news to learn that you were able to become pregnant naturally after all you’ve been through! When were you finally able to relax and move past the stress of it all? 

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m quite there yet. I expect that the feeling will hit me fully once I’m actually holding my baby in my arms. But certainly, once we passed week 13 and everything with the pregnancy was progressing normally, I started to believe in it and become hopeful that this time, it would succeed. With each day that passes, it becomes more and more real. I can feel the baby’s movements now too...the little life that is growing inside of me! 

What will be the first thing you’ll buy for the baby? 

We’ve only purchased a couple of little onesies at this point, but soon we’ll start looking for a baby carriage. That will be fun!

What do you think will be the biggest change in yours and Aleks’ life? 

I expect that it will be priorities. The baby’s needs will obviously come first now.  Once our child is born, life will revolve around that. Our needs will be secondary and taking care of a baby is certainly a huge responsibility. The next biggest change will be becoming a family. My own little family. Wow. 

What kind of mother do you think you will be? 

I think I’ll be a fun mom. I know that I will be very loving and perhaps also a little overprotective, ha ha. My most important task and priority will be always making sure that my child feels secure and loved. 

You work as an influencer and you run the fashion company, Ivyrevel. What’s it like working with fashion and inspiration as your body changes during pregnancy?  

It’s quite hard, actually! And, it’s been particularly challenging during winter and with the continued cold weather. It’s pretty much been just maternity leggings and ugg boots, 24/7! So, I’m looking forward to warm spring days and the chance to wear snug ribbed dresses and other pretty clothing to show off my tummy. 

Do you have any plans for launching maternity or baby clothes? 

No, unfortunately not. It’s difficult in that there are long lead times for manufacturing clothing. But you should never say never!

Have you got the “pregnancy glow” that everyone talks about? 

Hmmm. I’m not really sure. But, during the first 6 weeks or so of vomiting, there wasn’t much glow going on! People have commented though, that I’m glowing. I think it’s just the radiance of joy and happiness I feel.

What is your make-up routine for everyday vs. parties? Do you put much time and effort into make-up and beauty? 

For everyday, I typically don’t wear makeup. I just focus on moisturizer and glow. But for parties, I love bronzers, sun-kissed cheeks and long lashes. I do invest considerable time in beauty. I love getting a spray tan in winter. I also always keep my hands and feet manicured with gel nail polish. Oils and moisturizer are also a necessity for me. I can’t stand having dry skin!

How do you nurture your inner beauty? Do you practice yoga & meditation or drink green smoothies? 

I try to always eat nutritious food, packed with vitamins. I also drink a lot of water and exercise regularly. Well, perhaps not as much now during pregnancy. But otherwise, exercise has always been a priority. I have also practiced meditation regularly in the past, but it’s not been part of my daily routine lately.

Do you have any “beauty hacks” you’d like to share? 

Add a bit of facial oil to your day can also experiment with a bit of liquid highlighter in the mix, too! The result: glow deluxe!

What make-up items do you always carry with you?

Just a lip balm, actually. It’s particularly important during winter, when it’s so incredibly dry and easy for lips to become chapped. I apply lip balm frequently. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


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