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We LOVE eye makeup and the endless looks you can create with different products and colors. Of course, that includes the drama of mascara, for really making your eyes pop! Create beautiful, exciting eyes with different eyeshadows and mascara.

Here, you’ll find all the products you need for enhancing your beautiful eyes! We have eyeshadow in a wide range of colors and textures, along with mascaras designed for different types of lashes and creating a variety of looks. Find your favorites for enhancing your best features. In the eyes category, you’ll find both eyeshadows and mascaras. 

CAIA eyeshadows 
We offer a variety of eyeshadow palettes in different shades and textures.  We have palettes containing a variety of colors in matte, metallic or shimmer, depending on your preference. Our eyeshadows are easy to apply for creating an infinite number of amazing looks. Let your creativity flow! 

To get the best results, you need the right tools. You can see all our eyeshadow brushes here:

CAIA mascaras 
Every CAIA has specific requirements for her mascara. Waterproof, volumizing or drama? What’s your preference? Whatever it is, we have the mascara for you! 

On the product page for each mascara, we describe which type of lashes it’s best suited for and the results you can expect. But remember, the final look of a mascara will vary from one person to the next.

Enhance your eyes

Blue eyes - If your eyes are blue, we suggest a palette of colors in shades of gold and orange that will enhance your eyes the most. Choose orange, orange/brown, copper, terracotta, brown and shades of gold.  

Green eyes - To enhance green eyes to their utmost, choose shades of purple and red. For best results, apply shades of red, red/brown or red/grey, pink, blue, yellow and orange. 

Golden/brown eyes - For golden/brown eyes, purple is the color that will enhance your eyes the most. Choose purple, brown/purple or grey/purple for the best results. 

Brown eyes - For brown eyes, blue is the color that will enhance your eyes the most. If you want something more subtle than deep blue, choose a blue/grey shadow and a touch of green. 

Remember to let your imagination flow! Apply eyeshadow and choose the shades that will give you the look that makes you feel the best. 

We understand that if eyeshadow is new to you, it’s not so easy getting the results you’re after right from the start. That’s why we’ve posted tutorials on IGTV and YouTube with tips and tricks, which tools to use, etc. for applying eyeshadow to create different looks. We want to inspire you and for you to have fun playing with ways to enhance your eyes! Did you try out a new look? Tag us in social media! We love it when you share your looks! 

Makeup sets 
In the eyeshadow category, we also sell makeup sets that are bundled at a better price. Is there a set you’d like us to create and sell on our website? Let us know by sending an email to: info@caiacosmetics.com.

We welcome your questions and want to help. Just contact us via social media or by sending an email to our customer service.


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