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We all love to make up our eyes beautifully, right? To do that, you need the right tools, which means eyeshadow brushes designed for each step in the process. That way, you can apply your shadow with precision and blend properly to get perfect results. Whether you’re a beginner or professional makeup artist, the right mix of eyeshadow brushes is key. All our brushes are vegan. 

We’re so proud of our family of eyeshadow brushes! Each one is high quality and has been designed with a specific function in mind. 

We want our brushes to do the job for you, so that putting on makeup is easy. In that way, they’re more like friends than tools. Want great results? The key is using the right brush for the job. 

All our eyeshadow brushes are vegan. 

Our eyeshadow brushes: 

  • Vegan 
  • Synthetic bristles 
  • Cruelty Free

Function of each eyeshadow brush 

Super Angled Brow Brush 01: The angled shape and relatively stiff bristles of this brush make it perfect for applying eyebrow color and filling in your brows. 

Precision Bullet Crease Brush 02: With its bullet-shaped brush head, this is the perfect brush for defining the crease of your eye with shadow to add extra depth and intensity. 

Tapered Blending Brush 03: This brush, with its tapered brush head, can be used for multiple purposes when applying eyeshadow. Use the pointed edge for more precision and the rounded side for blending. 

Pointed Blender Brush 04: It’s very important that you blend your makeup well and this brush is perfect for that! It has been specifically designed for blending eyeshadow and smoothing it out, particularly when you’ve applied too much. It softens and smooths out harsh lines, giving you a more natural result. 

Round Blender Brush 05: The slightly larger brush head and rounded shape makes this the perfect brush for blending eyeshadow along the crease of the eye. It effectively smooths out excess eyeshadow. 

Precision Crease Brush 06: This brush was specifically designed for applying eyeshadow to the crease of the eye. The soft, fluffy brush head makes it perfect for blending different colors. 

Ultimate Brush Kit - Eyes: Why not treat yourself to an entire wardrobe of eyeshadow brushes? Ultimate Brush Kit - Eyes is a collection of six eyeshadow brushes ranging from number 01 to 06. For this great price, you get all six! 

Angled Flat Brush 07: This angled brush is perfect for applying shadow along the entire crease of the eye, from the inner point by your nose, all the way out. It has been perfectly shaped to gently follow the contour of your eyelid. 

Flat Paddle Brush 08: This flat, compact brush is perfect when you want to work with precision in building up the color, for high pigmentation. 

Blender Brush 09: This large, fluffy brush is perfect for applying lighter color to your entire eyelid or to blend harsh lines. 

Crease Brush 10: This fluffy, tapered brush makes it easy to apply and blend shadow along the crease of your eye. 

Smudger Brush 11: This brush, with its short bristles and rounded brush head makes it a perfect smudger brush for creating smokey eyes or, for applying eyeliner along the lash line. 

Smoother Brush 12: This compact, yet fluffy eyeshadow brush is great when you want to build up color, gradually going from a lighter shadow to darker pigmentation. 

Essential Brush Kit - Eyes: Why not treat yourself to a kit of eyeshadow brushes so that you have all the right tools for your makeup needs? We’ve put together a set of six brushes, numbers 07 to 12 at a lower price so that you can discover how easy and fun it is to apply eye makeup.

Eyeshadow brushes

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