Dry/Sensitive Skin

Here you will find skin care products specially developed for dry or sensitive skin. All are gentle, hydrating and completely fragrance-free.

Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Cleansing Cream, Toner, Day Cream & Hairband
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Serum, Cleanser, Toner & Day Cream - Dry/Sensitive Skin
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In our skin care series for dry/sensitive skin, you will find:

  • Cleanser
    An effective, deeply cleansing cleanser is essential to ensuring that the skin can thrive and recover. Of course, properly cleansing the skin of make up is always important, but even make up-free skin should be cleansed every evening. During the day, the skin is exposed to impurities and dirt. You need to cleanse these away before applying other products. 

  • Toner
    A toner prepares the skin before other skin care products are applied. Different toners have different properties. Toner also aids the absorption of your other skin care products.

  • Day cream
    Day cream is applied as the last step of your morning skin care routine. It creates a caring and protective layer that hydrates and nourishes your skin. 

All the products in this series are fragrance-free and gentle on the skin, while also providing ample hydration. 

Gentle Cream-to-Foam Cleanser gently cleanses without stressing the skin or disturbing its balance. This soothing cleanser leaves the skin clean and hydrated. Use your fingertips to massage the product into the skin on your damp face and neck, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Calming Toner soothes and deeply hydrates the skin. The toner has a slightly thicker texture that soothes and softens. Applied after you have cleansed the skin, to prepare it before applying the rest of your skin care regimen. It also aids the absorption of your other products into the skin. Gently pat the product onto the face and neck or apply with a cotton pad. 

Stay Calm Day Cream is a light day cream that both soothes and hydrates the skin, and is specially developed for people with sensitive or very dry skin. By ending each morning routine with this product, you strengthen the skin’s barrier and leave the skin hydrated and soft. 

Active ingredients
Our skin care products contain many different active ingredients. Under the “properties” of each product, you will find the primary active ingredients in that particular product. We have also collected all the active ingredients found in our skin care products in a dictionary. 

All Skin Types

We also have a category for all skin types, where you will find:

- Eye Cream
- Eye Make Up Remover
- Night Cream

Awakening Eye Cream has a creamy and soft gel formula that hydrates, diminishes dark circles and increases the skin’s elasticity.

The Sleeping Beauty Night Cream is full of hydrating and soothing ingredients that strengthen the skin’s barrier and prepare the skin for a new day.

Careful Eye Makeup Remover removes even the most stubborn mascara and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. 

Unsure of your skin type?
If you are unsure of your skin type, you can easily do this test at home.

- Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and carefully dry it with a clean, soft towel.
- After about 30 minutes, your skin will begin to react. If you become shiny, you probably have oily skin, whereas if you only become shiny in your t-zone, you have combination skin. If redness, blemishes or dry areas occur, you most likely have sensitive/dry skin, and if you find that your skin maintains a good balance, you probably have normal skin. 

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