Serum is a skincare product with a light formula and tinier molecules than a regular moisturiser, which means it can penetrate deep down into the skin. Serums give varying results depending on what they contain, and you can combine several different serums for maximum effect, too. 

Serum & Face Oil
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Serum - Glow Series
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Serum - All Skin Types
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Serum - Normal Skin
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Serum - Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Serum - Oily/Combination Skin
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Face Oil - All Skin Types
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Glow Serum & Glow Eye Cream - Glow Series
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Serum, Cleanser, Toner & Day Cream - Normal Skin
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Serum, Cleanser, Toner & Day Cream - Oily/Combination Skin
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Serum, Cleanser, Toner & Day Cream - Dry/Sensitive Skin
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Serum, Face Oil, Night Cream, Eye Cream & Eye Makeup Remover
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Serum - All Skin Types

Here are a few serums that give different results depending on what your skin needs. 

Dew Booster Serum
A serum for normal skin that adds radiance and makes the skin soft. Dew Booster contains hyaluronic acid and panthenol to moisturise and soothe your skin. 

Activating Serum
An oily/combination serum that reduces pore size and contains ingredients that are known to improve uneven skin tone, reduce sebum production and keep skin moisturised.


Soothing Serum
A soothing serum for dry/sensitive skin. Soothing Serum contains active ingredients with moisturising properties, such as hyaluronic acid and moisture magnet.

Daily Boost Serum
A serum to suit all skin types, for anyone in need of a real moisture bomb! The lightweight formula helps your skin stay hydrated all day long, no matter what skin type you have. Its also helps to even out the skin and make it more supple.

Glow Up Serum 
A serum to brighten your skin and give it glow! Enriched with pearls to add radiance and ingredients that leave skin glowing and feeling hydrated.  Our Glow Up Serum is suitable for all skin types. 

Always apply serum after your toner, because serum works best on cleansed, moist skin as this allows it to penetrate more easily. Apply a tiny amount, about the size of a pea, using your fingertips, then gently pat the serum into your face and down your neck. You shouldn’t massage the serum into your skin – allow your skin to absorb it before carrying on your skincare routine. 

A good skincare routine is important for your skin, and it’s something you need to make your make-up look beautiful and even. We offer a range of skincare products to suit different skin types.

Dry/sensitive skin
Dry skin lacks moisture and can therefore feel tight, which can cause the skin to become irritated and red.

  • Sensitive skin may react more easily to weather changes and dry air.

  • The skin may flare up, itch or dry out. In addition to weather changes, various ingredients or perfumed products may also affect the skin.

  • It’s important to use very gentle products that moisturise your skin if you have dry, sensitive skin.

Oily/combination skin
An oily or combination skin type is caused by your sebaceous glands overproducing oil.

  • If you have oily skin, the T zone is often glossy with large pores on the nose, cheeks and forehead. The skin also tends to become oily later in the day.

  • A combination skin has a mixture of different skin types, usually with an oily T zone while the other areas are normal or dry.

  • Both skin types need products that regulate oil production while hydrating the skin.

Normal skin
Normal skin is normally considered the most problem-free skin type.

  • The skin has a good balance between oil and moisture, which means it feels neither dry nor oily.

  • Your pores are usually small and the skin feels soft.

  • If you have normal skin, it’s still important to cleanse, protect and moisturise it so as to maintain the skin’s balance.

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