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Longing for great brows? We understand! Eyebrows frame your face beautifully and you can work with color to shape, lengthen and fill them in, giving you the results you’re looking for. CAIA’s brows pencils and brow gels are perfect for creating the look you’re after that will last all day. The formula also contains nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin and brows.

Precision Brows Pencil
CAIA’s new brows pencil is here! The soft, creamy consistency feels silky smooth on your skin and the results last all day long! 

Use the pencil to shape, fill and lengthen your brows to get the look you’re after. The lead size makes it easy to apply with precision for natural results. 

There is also a specially designed brush integrated with the pencil so that you can easily soften up and blend the color well. We’ve thought of everything for giving you the precision results you’re after! 

The formula contains propanediol and glycerin, which soften, moisturize and nourish your brows and skin. 

CAIA Brows Pencil comes in five shades: Taupe, Medium Brown, Cold Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony. 

On each product page, we describe which undertones and hair color each pencil is most suitable for, to help you pick the right one. 

Full Brow Gel
CAIA’s new vegan brow gel comes in four different colors, as well as translucent. The thin, tapered brush has been specially designed for precision application and to help you shape your brows the way you like. 

Brow gel fills and shapes your brows to give you the look you’re after and results that last all day. The brow gels with color contain stearic acid, which makes your brows look fuller, with natural results. They’re perfect for shaping your brows! 

Our brow gels contain several ingredients that nourish your skin and brows, including:

  • Propanediol
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
  • Palmitic acid
  • Oleic acid 

Those ingredients soften, moisturize and nourish your skin and brows. 

We suggest that you apply the gel using short, upward strokes in the same direction that the hair grows. Afterwards, use the brush to shape your brows as desired. 

CAIA Brow Gel comes in these four colors, as well as translucent: Taupe, Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony. On each product page, we describe which undertones and hair color each brow gel is most suitable for, to help you pick the right one. 

Want the full brow kit? 
We’ve bundled our brows pencils and brow gels of different colors together as kits at a lower price than if you were to purchase them separately. That way, you have everything you need, right at your fingertips, for creating your perfect look! 

When applying brow makeup, you should shape and color your brows to achieve YOUR unique look. You decide! 

But here are some general tips: 

  • Use your browbone as the guide for the maximum height of your brows. 
  • You can line up a pencil along the side of your nose, straight up to your brows. That’s a good way of determining where the brow line should start. 
  • We suggest that your brow line should extend as far as the outer corner of your eye. 
  • If your eyebrows are sparse, you can use brow products to fill them in with color. 

Another way of creating a great look is to use concealer or highlighter to shape and create lustre around your brows. 

Get inspo! 
Need tips and inspo on how to shape your brows, learn more about our products and create new looks? Check out our videos on IGTV and YouTube! We’ve got loads of advice to share and inspire you! 


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