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CAIA’s bronzers were created using prism technology for a natural lustre and silky smooth results. The creamy formula makes them easy to apply, giving you a natural, sun-kissed look. Want to add lustre and color to your makeup? Find your favorites today!

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We’re extremely proud to present our bronzers! It’s an easy-to-apply, exclusive product for a natural, sun-kissed look and silky smooth results.

Each bronzer comes in a pretty, shiny case with mirror. It’s easy to take along in your handbag or makeup bag and apply whenever you need a splash of color.

You’ll find a description of each bronzer on our website, along with photos of the product and what it looks like applied to different skin tones. There’s also a video with more tips and inspo! And, you can also read a detailed description of the product and the customer reviews to learn what other CAIAs have to say about it. We also include info on whether the product is most suitable for colder, warmer or neutral undertones so that you can more easily select the best bronzer for you.

Check out our YouTube channel too, where Bianca and our makeup artist, Hanna, explain and present each bronzer in detail. 

Our bronzers:

  • Vegan
  • Creamy formula
  • Prism technology for silky smooth results
  • Cruelty Free

The creamy consistency of our bronzers means that less accumulates on the brush compared to other highly pigmented bronzing powders. With our bronzers, you get more even results. They’re easy to apply and you can build up the color gradually to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look you’re after. Just swish the brush into the bronzer and then apply it to your face, neck or a specific area using circular motions. You can even use it as rouge or eyeshadow. Use your imagination and creativity! The possibilities are endless!

For the best results when applying our bronzers, we recommend that you use Domed Powder Brush 03 or Paddle Powder Brush 04.

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