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Want natural results or a bit more color? Regardless, it’s easy to apply color to your lips with a pretty lipstick. Our lipsticks moisturize your lips. They’re easy to apply, gently following the contours of your lips for great results. You can apply several coats depending on how much coverage your after. The light formula makes it easy!

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At CAIA, we really LOVE lipstick. It’s such an easy way to boost an outfit or vary your look using lip color. 

Choose one of our natural colors, or why not a deeper shade for passionate red lips? 

Our lipsticks have a moisturizing formula that makes them easy to apply, while adding gorgeous lustre.

On each product page, you can see a photo of what the lipstick looks like on two different models and how the color can vary. What the colour looks like on the model may be different to how it looks on you. 

Red Alert and Obsessed Red are vegan lipsticks that give you silky smooth lips and rich, full coverage in an elegant shade of red. The lipstick stimulates collagen in your lips and provides a semi-matte, even look that is also hydrating. 

CAIA’s lipstick: 

  • Moisturizing 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Cruelty Free

Several products together as a kit 
We love using color for variation and to help you with that, we’ve put together some kits of lipsticks and lip pencils so that you can get more products at a lower price. For variation, why not wear lip pencil on its own one day, and lipstick with liner the next? Or, why not wear one color during the day and a different one in the evening? Use your imagination! The possibilities are endless! 

Looking for a lipstick in a natural color? Use your own skin tone as the starting point, then, choose a color in a slightly darker hue. 

For lasting results, it’s important to start with a good foundation. One tip is to exfoliate your lips first to remove dead skin cells. Make sure that your lips are moisturized, too. Start by using a lip pencil to color in your lips completely. Then, apply lipstick. Finish by using a tissue to blot your lips and that’s it, all done!

Social media 
We love it when you tag us in social media! You are AMAZING in the looks your create with our products and we love seeing your results! So keep it coming, with more comments, likes, tags and messages. Our goal is seeing you in our products and we love hearing from you! 

On each product page, we’ve posted a short YouTube video where we show you what the lipstick looks like on two different models. If you want more, be sure to check out our YouTube channel! We’ve posted videos and tutorials where our makeup artists share tips & tricks, guiding you to creating a variety of looks. Is there a specific tutorial you’d like us to create and share on YouTube/IGTV? Let us know! Write to us on Instagram or send an email to our customer service at: We love your ideas!


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